Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A sense of Luxury...

Welcome to my new blog! This is a whole new platform for me. Face-to-face communication is usually more up my ally, but I've always been one to embrace the new while also coveting the old!

With this digital diary, I plan to share the things I love, my favorite recipes, the 'best of's..' from the places I travel, the people who move me and anything that screams "Baroness!" As a designer, a philanthropist, lifestyle expert and mom, I know that I'll find plenty to talk about.

I so look forward to meeting all of you, hearing about your adventures, answering any questions that you may have and inviting you to peek into my home, my company, and my life. Cheers!

For the inaugural post, I will be sharing with you five things that I love, one for each of the five senses. Each of these items make my life just a bit more luxurious.

Touch: In design, I love textured items that create warmth and a cozy vibe! A good Sheepskin rug is the perfect addition to any home. I love to lay on mine in front of the fireplace.  
Image via House to Home

Hear: The velvety voice of Tracy Thorn (lead singer of Everything But The Girl) creates the ideal backdrop for relaxing, cooking, and doing just about anything! Her newest album is available here (and be sure to listen to the free download track!)

Taste: I spend a lot of time in Italy and one of my favorite locations, Modena, is famous for Aceto Balsamico, or Balsamic Vineger.  Add the magical liquid to all things salty (salad dressing) or sweet (strawberries!) and see how this Balsamico enhances the flavors.  One of my favorite brands is Modenaceti. Trust me, it's worth the few extra bucks!

See: Art can add meaning to a room, a mood, a heart, a home. The work of Peter Beard does all of that for me. From his photographs of endangered African Elephants, to those of David Bowie and Iman - Beard's work, raw and vulnerable speaks to me at a visceral level. 

Smell: The smell of a home is very important to me, as demonstrated by my new collection of candles.  Scents are closely linked to memories, and my collection brings back the best of them -- Holiday memories,  travels to exotic places -- I've captured the scents and boxed them up to share with all of you. You can view the candles here, but really you have to smell them!

See you soon!

Baroness Monica

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Baroness' Blog is Coming Soon.

Welcome to the new web log of Baroness Monica Von Neumann. Please check back soon for Monica's take on the best fluffy robes, top restaurant's signature dishes, favorite hotels, and at-home pampering tips.

Bel Air Image via Herald Du Paris
Robe Image via skirmishofwit.typepad.com