About the Baroness

Baroness Monica Von Neumann, in a short span of time, has lived the lives of three women. A model, a wife, as well as, businesswoman and tastemaker, she now sits on the board of her late husband's company and oversees a multi-faceted estate and business operation here and abroad. Von Neumann is known in social circles as a high-powered philanthropist, but few know her influence extends to select interior design projects, entertaining & etiquette, and intellectual properties.

After taking care of her ill husband who died of brain cancer in 2003, the long road back to becoming comfortable once again in the public eye commenced only recently. The Baroness, has in the past, and continues to champion fundraising efforts for her favorite charities and medical concerns like Oceana, Cedar Sinai's preeminent neurosurgeon, Dr. Keith Black's work, as well as, for Inner City Arts through an involvement with the Pacific Design Center as a guest designer.